slow seismogenic zone (call and response)

The Slow Seismogenic Zone (Call and Response) involved process-based experimentation with dancer Wendy Morrow and sound artist Jon Smeathers.

The project draws on research undertaken during a self-funded residency in Kyoto in January 2020, where I trained in Kintsugi, the traditional craft of repair, and worked with a Professor of Slow Earthquakes. Slow Earthquakes produce a delayed rupture over extended periods; their imperceptible tremor can precede large-scale earthquakes, or dissipate pressure, mitigating mega-thrust events.

A long- term, over-arching project has resulted from the residency, manifesting through durational bodies of work, collaborations and publications. The project is titled The Slow Seismogenic Zone.

Call and Response received Australia Council CREATE funding to support an open and exploratory phase of the project, which responded to the overarching provocation: we are affected by vibratile force (how things are constantly moving, fragile and in relation). The activity involved process-based experimentation and was staged over three blocks of intensive focus occurring in August, October and December 2020.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.