drawn (2009)

Trust. Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania

⬿ Selected Works

Drawn consisted of a replica of a colonial Huon pine laundry/cattle double‐basin trough, cast in local beeswax, sited on the landing of Clarendon House, a prominent Georgian Colonial homestead built by landed ‘squattocracy’.

The trough was placed beneath a large stairwell window, from which hand-made silk curtains, impregnated with litmus powder, were hung.

The trough contained water collected from the river in one basin, and rainwater collected from the hose in the other basin. The pair of silk‐litmus curtains fell in each basin, so that each curtain drew‐up the different water over the course of the exhibition. Depending on the acidity levels of the water, the curtains turned from litmus purple to pink/red. The work materially and conceptually explored notions of absorption, intervention, containment and infiltration.