local colour (2011)

Devonport Regional Gallery Solo Commission, Devonport Regional Gallery, Devonport, Tasmania.

⬿ Selected Works

local colour examines what ‘outsider’ means in relation to being ‘local’, the potential of ‘inhabiting’ via impermanent and long-term contexts, the tension experienced between public/private space, and humans’ attempts to belong to a place. The work materially and conceptually explores the spontaneous nature of cross-pollination, reflecting on the instinct to find and describe ‘home’ amidst the possibilities of dislocation and drifting.

local colour drew on the experience and talent of locals from the Devonport area, whose willingness to contribute afforded a ‘legit’ local status, merging with the ‘non-local’ status of the artist. The work engaged artists from various local miniature and watercolour painting groups who provided hand-painted miniatures of their private and public spaces; a local pigeon fancier whose birds were strapped with spy video cameras recording their flights within a 10km radius of central Devonport back to their loft; and the Devonport St Vincent De Paul branch who collected lost clothing from the Spirit of Tasmania throughout the duration of the exhibition.

The video components of the works were developed in collaboration with Surveying and Spatial Sciences, University of Tasmania.

Photo credits: Peter Mathew

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