nature is a language can’t you read (2008)

Companion Planting, Contemporary Art Tasmania. Curator Jack Robins

⬿ Selected Works

Nature is a Language Can’t You Read reflects on our at times vicarious engagement with a physical, tangible world.

A fibreglass multi-piece mould fabricated from a drawing room armchair is cast it in agar and pear juice in situ in the gallery space. During the course of the exhibition the local air borne fungal spores within the gallery space bloom and upholster the chair, revealing a wild invisible landscape, that surrounds us and we are involuntarily implicated in.

A shelf fashioned from the branch of a pear tree supports two hand-blown glass pears, which magnify separated sides of a silver locket, engraved with text and a botanical drawing of pear foliage.

As removed as we may contrive our engagement with nature/the world to be, there is an ever-present opportunity to be participants in a mutually beneficial process of contamination and cross-pollination.

Materials: fibreglass, agar, pear juice, fungal spores, pear wood, hand blown glass, engraved silver locket

Photo credits: Peter Mathew