revue des deux mondes (2008)

Inflight Gallery

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revue des deux mondes (review of two worlds) consisted of a rammed earth wall of local Hobart soils and a wall of stacked light-box transparencies, detailing the stacks of journals at the university library. The work referenced geology and knowledge as dual engagements of time and space. Both epic and both vulnerable to conflation and erosion. Built to ‘last’, the structure was knocked down after its 2-week exhibition.

The resulting video love will keep us together documents the necessary destruction of the work. The video was screened on site in the artist run initiative, 3 months after the work had been removed.

Materials: rammed local soil, aluminium, duratrans

Photo credits: Peter Mathew

revues_des_deux_mondes_1024 Rammed Wall Lightbox_wall_1024