sampling: the slow seismogenic zone (2020)

The Habitat of Time. Arts Catalyst Gallery. London. Curated by Julie Louise Bacon

materials: Transducer speakers, sonic signal of slow earthquakes recorded in the Japan Trench in March 2011, prior to the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake; window film.

sampling (the slow seismogenic zone) utilises data collected from ocean floor seismic monitors of a phenomenon known as ‘slow earthquakes’, provided by the Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto, Japan. The development of technologies that monitor extremely low frequencies has enabled scientists to detect the presence of a form of seismic activity that has the potential to either diffuse or trigger more rapid and destructive earthquake events. The vibrational material is transferred to the glass pane of the gallery window through transducer speakers, while the surface of the glass has been coated with earth coloured transparent window film, drawing the site and the public into the vibrational field of techno-geological time.