something more solid (2017)

Remanence, Ten Days on the Island Festival, Domain House, Tasmania.

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Allure is a seductive power that suggests a thing’s mysterious depths.

A full-size cello encased in a bespoke slab of toffee is rendered mute, suspended in a state of doubt and ambiguity, with only the crest of the strings breaching the toffee’s surface. The A string’s resonant frequency is activated by an electro magnetic force, creating an enduring quiver and sustained lament, amplified within the delicate spatial constraints of the room.

Over the course of the exhibition, the toffee shifts from a solid to liquid form, the slow viscous flow gradually silencing the vibration.

Covering the small room’s multiple windowpanes, Cinegel filter film, the colour of smoky amber, fills the space with an ominous glow, reminiscent of encroaching wild fire, and conjuring the tone and grain of disintegrating Kodachrome film stock associated with family photos from the 1960s.

Unstable and shape shifting, sad and visceral, the toffee, cello and Cingel film create an aesthetic and felt harmonic: forms that are suspended in a kind of deep, remote motion, anticipating recall and release, and a re-negotiation of something more solid.

Materials: Toffee, full-size cello, electro-magnet, contact mic, amplifier, cingel film

Photo credits: Peter Mathew