superslow (2015)

Kelly’s Garden Commissioned Projects, Salamanca Art Centre.
Curated by Sean Kelly. Tasmanian International Arts Festival

⬿ Selected Works

A bespoke freestanding circular room constructed from used clinker bricks reflecting the dimensions of a 19th century domestic brick ice house was sited in the centre of the outdoor exhibition space of Kelly’s garden, Salamanca Arts Centre. The brick structure contained a white painted interior and a rooftop plot sown with a green manure crop.

For the duration of the exhibition the form of the sculpture was in a state of slow transition. For the first 2 and half weeks of the exhibition the structure housed a 1.2 metre cube ice block that melted slowly, its melt retarded by the insulating qualities of the double-lined bricks and sod roof. As the ice slowly melted, the crop slowly grew, presenting a form in dynamic flux, the only constant being the brick structure.

superslow draws on an ongoing inquiry of sculptural responses to geological processes that frame concepts of volatility, impact and resonance.
By slowing down the experience of these forces, the artworks present opportunities for intimate encounter and understanding. The work contributes to an ongoing series of process-based sculptures materially alter during the course of the exhibition, presenting a body of work in slow flux.

Materials: bricks, plaster, cement, soil, green manure crop, ice

Photo credits: Peter Mathew